Ok, this storm chasing blog was an epic fail. I think it all boils down to the simple fact that I am just not a writer. Never have been. However, I love and always will love photography and have started a community page on Facebook titled Whirlwind Weather. Click on the link to go directly there and click like if you find it interesting: www.facebook.com/whirlwindweather. I will post my storm chasing accounts and other random weather/nature related pictures on here. Also, please post your own weather pics on there as well. I would love to see what y'all have taken.
Until the next storm...

Spent the day hiking in the Garden of the Gods. It was absolutely spectacular. Will post pics soon. Thank you Hana and Mario for a great day! Made it to Boise City in the Oklahoma panhandle this evening. Tomorrow will be our first chasing day. Heading to southwestern Kansas. Getting excited!
With nothing to chase, it was time to reunite with old friends and make new ones. Brunch with Bri and Mike was great! Glad we had a chance to catch up. Then we headed off to the Denver Burning Can Beer Festival with a few friends for a nice brew-ski. Many local breweries had a tent set up hosting their IPA's, stouts, lagers, and porters. There was live music, cornhole, and a BMX bike track. Good times!
We ended our day and drove south to Colorado Springs to stay with friends of James.
James and I arrived in Denver after a bumpy landing. I was glad we made it safe and to be on the ground. Flying is not my favorite thing to do. We picked up our storm chasing vehicle and made it to our hotel just before 3am. We are pumped and ready to chase tomorrow but unfortunately the weather has other plans for us. In the meantime, Saturday will be a day to explore Denver and surrounding cities.
The anticipation is killing me! I'm ready to get out there on the plains and see some action. Looking at the models, severe weather potential looks great for this coming week. Good luck to my friends already in the alley.

In the meantime, check out this time lapse video of an EF4 tornado in western Minnesota that occurred on August 7th of 2010.